Why I HATE Instagram!

Ok, well no, I don’t actually hate Instagram. As a wedding and event photographer, I spend a lot of time looking through images. Looking for the best people to follow, looking for ideas and reaching out to prospective clients. There are some amazing photographers out there, all using the platform to post some excellent content. This blog is really me venting at a few areas that I feel Instagram could be improved upon.

Feature accounts.

I’m sure you’ve all seen and even follow some of these accounts such as ig_shotz, one of the better feature pages on the platform. They are designed to get quality content out to a large audience. I personally follow some of the larger accounts on Instagram, and have even been featured multiple times by various accounts. But, I just feel at the moment, that Instagram is just filled to the brim with feature accounts, a lot of which are sharing the same images over and over again. I’ve seen images be featured on accounts and the credit, not go to the original photographer or content creator. But to another feature account!

Bots and Spammy accounts.

Bots are killing the platform for me. I’m sure you’ve all seen them. They follow and unfollow within a few days. Post really strange comments that have little to no relevance to an image. I know many are set up by marketers and the like to drive traffic to their accounts and to their affiliate link programs, but it’s getting way out of hand again You can read HERE about the 2014 major cull of spammy and bogus Instagram accounts. As you’ll see on the PetaPixel article, some celebrities lost in excess of 1 MILLION followers due to the 2014 cull. We do seem to be going in the right direction with bots after Instagram shut down Instagress in 2017.

Loss of originality.

This is a big one from me, and probably my biggest photography related grip concerning the social media platform. When you shoot for a client, the client most of the time they will tell you what they want to achieve with the images, or they might have a specific look they want. Sometimes you get lucky and have clients who are happy to let you guide the creative direction of a project. When you shoot for social media, Instagram, Facebook etc I find people tend to be thinking about the LIKES aspect rather than creating something new and unique. We, as photographers (Yes I am guilty of this myself) are becoming less and less likely to push outside of our comfort zone for fear of losing followers and not getting the likes we have become accustomed too.

Boosts and Ads

Ok, I know everyone has to pay the bills. Even Instagram. But the way ads seem to be targeted makes no sense at all. I’m not sure if this is from the people running the ads, and not selecting the right audience. Or if this is something to do with the algorithms used by Instagram themselves.

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  1. I don’t think a lot of this is solely a problem in the photography world but in the artistic world in general. I definitely hear you on the bots. HATE that crap with a passion! I don’t often use Instagram to promote my work as it doesn’t drive a lot of traffic towards my blog. It’d help if hyperlinks existed on Instagram. Doesn’t look like that’ll happen anytime soon. Great post mate!

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