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By Ian Sanderson 27 Nov, 2017

Wedding Photography can be a little bit manic, any event photography can be I suppose. Things rarely run smoothly or on schedule. So now and again it’s nice to be able to slow things down and take your time in making an image. That’s what I decided to do this past week.


After an eventful weekend, which ended up with us covering a Student event at Loft Studio Nightclub in Durham, and not getting home to 3am. I decided that Monday would be a day for long exposure Landscape photography and an excuse to try out some new filters.


I packed up the gear and headed down to Bishop Auckland Castle to find a nice spot. I had in mind an image of either the river Wear as it meanders through the Bishop’s Park, or the smaller river Gaunless that joins the Wear in this area. I found a nice spot where the Gaunless snakes through an S curve, with the river itself framed between two small tree trunks.

To be honest, this was less about getting a nice image than it was about spending a few hours in among the trees and taking in some fresh autumn air. I must have explored the park for a good 2 hours before finding a good spot that I was happy with. That and ducking into what little tree cover remains to avoid the sporadic but heavy rain showers.


I also tried something a little different for me, with a “Behind the scenes” shot. I’ve seen a few other photographers do this type of thing and use the shots well on their social media pages. Personally I’m still on the fence but I will see how well the images are received.